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Commercial Generator Service & Installation

Douglas Electric is proud to be the ones to serve the greater Rochester area for over 30 years. If you need an electrician that can service your commercial or industrial generator system and keep your business up and running, give us a call.

With the values of a family-owned business backed with a lifetime of service, you can count on us to get the job done right. Providing a wide range of generator services, from maintenance to installation and repair, we can help you determine the best option for your business.

Signs That Your Business Needs a New Generator 

Your business provides a critical service to customers while keeping food on the table of your employees. It’s essential to keep that business up and running, even if the electricity is out. As all things age and wear out over time, your generator is no exception. It’s important to be aware of some of the signs that your generator is failing – before it becomes an issue:

Start-Up Problems – when your commercial generator starts up, the process should be smooth and seamless. Electric generators in particular are common as commercial generators as they can switch on immediately on the building losing power, ensuring there is little to no delay in powering machinery.

Over time, however, the transfer switch can wear out, which is something to be wary of during routine maintenance to prevent it from becoming a bigger problem. If your transfer switch wears out completely, you won’t notice faltering power; the generator just won’t turn on.

Excessive Fuel Usage – Your generator should run efficiently, using only enough fuel to keep your electricity running. If you notice over time that the fuel usage is increasing, but your power demand hasn’t increased, it’s time to consider replacing the generator or consulting your local repair technician.

As the generator wears out over time, the increased fuel usage will continue to get worse, eating a hole in your wallet as you continue to pay for more and more fuel. In addition to the rising cost of fuel, it’s critical to keep this under control by replacing the unit when the fuel usage costs over the year approach the expense of purchasing a new generator.

Appliances Faltering – As your generator runs out gradually, you may notice electrical appliances inside the building falter. This is a sign of a break in the flow of electricity. However brief that break may be, you need your appliances to continue running. Furthermore, these breaks in electrical currents can damage some appliances, causing lasting effects to the operation of your business. Even if it happens once or twice, it’s a problem that requires immediate attention.

Rochester Generator Maintenance and Repairs 

Don’t wait until your generator is malfunctioning to call in the repair service. Establish a relationship with your local generator maintenance and repair service team, Douglas Electric.

Our team is qualified to keep your commercial or industrial generator running with repairs, maintenance, and installation throughout the greater Rochester NY area. Whether your generator needs a quick tune-up, or an intensive repair, we have your back. Give us a call today and let us know how we can help you.

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The Best Commercial Generator Services In and Near Rochester NY

Are you located in the greater Rochester area in upstate New York? You’re in luck; at Douglas Electric, we’ve been voted the best commercial generator service Rochester NY and surrounding regions have seen.

As a business owner, you can’t afford to take chances on anything less than the best. Give Douglas Electric a call today and let us know how we can help you with your commercial generator, and we’ll keep you up and running, any time of day, any time of year.

Standby and Backup Generators

A standby and backup generator are always an excellent choice for keeping your business up and running during unexpected outages. Standby generators are the top choice, while backup generators are most often used in residential applications, or for small businesses that aren’t required to have continuous power.

Many industries today require the use of standby and backup generators, especially if your business is in the oil and gas industry, telecommunications companies such as communications utilities and data centers, as well as healthcare facilities are all required to have a generator.

Commercial Generator Installation, Maintenance, and Repair  

You need an electrician that can take care of all your generator needs. With so many options available, there’s no wonder why selecting the right generator for your business can be an overwhelming process.

Whether you are installing a brand-new generator or looking for a company to provide you with no-nonsense maintenance and repair work, we have your back. Give Douglas Electric a call today and let us know how we can help you keep the power on at your business.

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Commercial Generator FAQ

What Is Considered a Commercial Generator?

A commercial generator is determined based on its size and resupply location. Commercial generators often run on diesel fuel, which means there must be a fuel tank that can be resupplied when low. These tanks must be able to be accessed by fuel trucks around the building.

A commercial generator must also be sized appropriately for your building. The typical commercial formula is 50 kilowatts, plus 5 watts per square footage of building space.

Industrial generators typically work and function in a similar way to commercial generators, but they are designed to handle the rough environment of industrial settings, where flow control and fuel filtering components are a necessity. Commercial generators may not need these capabilities, but larger commercial spaces may still require redundancy to ensure electricity can remain flowing to the building if one or two generators go out.

How Often Should a Generator Be Serviced?

Your commercial generator should be serviced every 500 hours of operation. Depending on the size of your commercial space and how old the generator is, this typically works out to once every 12 months. The older the generator, the more wear and tear it will accrue through its operation, and the more often it will need service and repairs.

By servicing the generator frequently, you’ll ensure that everything is working properly and there is a lesser chance of anything interrupting the flow of electricity to the building during an outage.

What is a Standby Generator?

A standby generator is one of the most common types of generators for your business to operate with, providing you with a back-up for electrical services.

Within seconds of losing power, the standby generator senses the outage and kicks in automatically with the help of a transfer switch. This transfers the electrical load to the generator, rather than the electrical grid, bringing your building back online.

With regular maintenance, these generators are a dependable part of keeping your business online through rough winters and windy springtimes alike.

Electrical Projects that Make a Difference

Electrical work is more than wires and tubing; it makes a difference in how we interact with our world and connect with others.

We believe the quality of work we do directly reflects on our work ethic and dedication to the community. As your company’s commercial electrical contractors, we are connecting the world one wire at a time, helping create a more connected Rochester.

Our commercial services are suitable for any size company, from Mavis Discount Tire in Webster to Frito Lay in New Paltz. Make the right choice and choose a contractor whose knowledgeable and experienced in electrical installation and repair.

We are proud to provide the services for the following industries and more:

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Warehouse and manufacturing facilities will benefit from a project managed by Douglas Electric. We work closely with the business owners to understand their current and future needs to provide a properly lit space and adequate power sizing for their custom project.



When it comes to production lines or manufacturing facilities, time is money. Whether you’re looking for service to existing equipment, installation of new systems, preventative maintenance, power quality testing or infrared scanning, we have the solution for your needs.

University of Rochester Medical Center


Our long history of working within the industry will benefit your project. Douglas Electric has an innate understanding of the code that has its own section on medical and outpatient facilities as it pertains to electrical, communications, and fire alarm installations. We will execute your plans with precision, save you time, money and frustration.

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Multi-Family / Site

We understand how important proper lighting distribution, utility company transformer placement and power distribution is for your site plans. The Douglas Electric team works per the NEC code as well as convenience and necessity in every day living to complete each residential unit within an apartment complex, townhome village or multifamily dwelling.

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Non-Profit / Educational

Working within your budget and timeline is not a problem! Our team works tirelessly and efficiently to complete your project within your schedule. Safety is our number one priority always and we work with you to ensure minimal downtime for your organization.

Genesee Valley Regional Market

Retail / Franchise

Franchises are a special type of project that needs detailed focused technicians with a knowledge of the strict process and guidelines. Douglas Electric has a thorough understanding of the importance of national account guidelines to ensure that the consistency of the design and electrical detail is met.

Why You Need a Professional Team

A professional team of certified electricians is an important step when working with all things electric.

No matter what type of commercial electrical project you have, the professionals at Douglas Electric know how to provide high quality services.

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