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Data & Fiber Optic Network Cable Installation

In and around Rochester, it’s no secret that offices today rely on cabling networks to supply high-speed data connections. This is a critical part of connecting businesses to the fast-paced modern world, where minutes of downtime can mean thousands of dollars.

Don’t leave your business’ network up to chance. Hire a reliable electrician like Douglas Electric to take care of all your heavy-duty data network or fiber optic network installation work. Give us a call today and tell us about your installation proposal and we’ll help you work out the details.

Professional Cabling for a Variety of Networks

Our team works with a range of professional cabling, providing office networks with ample power to conduct the business they need to do on a modern timeline. We’re happy to work with your project’s unique specifications and design needs, whether you’re working with Category 5e or Category 6 data cabling.

We also install fiber optic networks, reducing the amount of maintenance needed on the network in the future, ensuring your network is stable and long-lasting. No matter what your project requires, you can count on Douglas Electric to get the job done right the first time around, setting the standard for lightning-fast communications and data transfer, no matter what.

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Douglas Electric: Network Cabling Rochester NY Can Count On

With over 34 years in business, Douglas Electric is the leading electrician service in and around Rochester NY, serving both individuals and businesses.

We are an experienced team that can handle all your network cabling needs, no matter what type of network cabling you need installed. We offer quick turnaround with 24/7 operations for emergency installations and repairs, ensuring your service is never disrupted for long.

Next time you’re looking for an electrician to help you with network cabling installation, count on Douglas Electric. We pride ourselves in getting the job done well, and getting it done quickly.

Learn About Fiber Optic Cabling Types

While fiber optics are becoming increasingly integrated into commercial spaces because of its advantages over traditional cabling types, it’s important to recognize that not all fiber optic cabling is made the same. Depending on your needs as a business, and what type of commercial workspace the fiber optic cabling network is being installed into, different types of fiber optic cables may be more advantageous. Below are the different fiber optic types commonly used in commercial settings:

Single-Mode Fiber Optics Wiring

Single-mode fiber optics are perfect for carrying a small amount of data across long distances as, inside the cable, the core is small, only holding enough fibers to contain a single mode. This single mode does not have many reflections, which lowers attenuation. The benefit of this is that it can transfer data and information across long distances.

Multi-Mode Fiber Optics Wiring

This type of fiber optics wiring contains a large core where multiple modes of light can reflect and pass through. As reflections increase, more data can pass through at any point in time. This raises the dispersion and attenuation rate, allowing more data transfer but shortens the distance it can be transferred without losing quality. This is perfect for short-distance data/audio/video applications.

A Leader in Underground and Aerial Construction

At Douglas Electric, we work to develop long-term relationships with our clients, and that can only be done through our many examples of great work done on previous projects. As we’ve shown our other clients, we’re proud to serve their business with exceptional and individualized service that helps you better understand your options and the selection that makes the most sense for your project and budget.

This means that we are happy to walk through your project step-by-step and help you determine which network cabling option might be best for your construction. We can even help you with updating your current cabling network to a new or more advanced cabling solution.

No matter what you need, you can count on Douglas Electric to be a leader in both underground and aerial construction for all your cabling requirements.

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Network Cabling FAQ

Do Electricians Do Network Cabling?

It’s not every day that new network installations are added, but when that time comes, it’s important to rely on a team of technicians who you can trust with a secure, long-lasting network.

A properly-installed network cabling system will require little maintenance and even fewer repairs, making the installation process a critical part of the project.

At Douglas Electric, our team is experienced in network cabling across Rochester NY and beyond. Our team is knowledgeable about the different types of cabling, and we have the necessary equipment to provide a full range of checks on each connection.

Give us a call today and let us know how we can help your project exceed expectations and create a commercial network built for the future.

What’s the Typical Cost of a Network Cable Installation?

Depending on how extensive the network installation is, the cost of installation can vary. For example, a commercial project for a new structure wiring 1200 office spaces inside a single building suite will cost significantly more than a single-office building.

The installation cost may also vary depending on what type of network cabling you need installed. For example, cable networking is typically less expensive than the longer-lasting and better-performing fiber optics network.

Give us a call today and tell us about your project. We’ll be happy to provide you with a custom quote for your specific project and wiring needs.

What is the Most Common Network Cabling Type?

In most cases, and in our experience as electricians in the Rochester region, the most common network cabling type is twisted-pair cabling. This type of cabling utilizes a pair of copper wires twisted together to transfer signals from one place to another.

We find that there are also a lot of local networks set up with coaxial cabling. Considered to be more weather resistant, coaxial cabling includes an inner conductor at the center of the wire. This wire is then surrounded by a range of insulation and copper mesh, protecting the connectors from damage.

Both types of cabling are slowly fading out, however, in favor of faster network options such as fiber optic cabling.

Fiber optics are most known for their ability to transmit light (which is the optical part of the cable) but they can also be used to great efficiency in sending network signals over a longer distance. These cables contain strands of glass fibers inside an insulated casing.


Electrical Projects that Make a Difference

Electrical work is more than wires and tubing; it makes a difference in how we interact with our world and connect with others.

We believe the quality of work we do directly reflects on our work ethic and dedication to the community. As your company’s commercial electrical contractors, we are connecting the world one wire at a time, helping create a more connected Rochester.

Our commercial services are suitable for any size company, from Mavis Discount Tire in Webster to Frito Lay in New Paltz. Make the right choice and choose a contractor whose knowledgeable and experienced in electrical installation and repair.

We are proud to provide the services for the following industries and more:

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Warehouse and manufacturing facilities will benefit from a project managed by Douglas Electric. We work closely with the business owners to understand their current and future needs to provide a properly lit space and adequate power sizing for their custom project.



When it comes to production lines or manufacturing facilities, time is money. Whether you’re looking for service to existing equipment, installation of new systems, preventative maintenance, power quality testing or infrared scanning, we have the solution for your needs.

University of Rochester Medical Center


Our long history of working within the industry will benefit your project. Douglas Electric has an innate understanding of the code that has its own section on medical and outpatient facilities as it pertains to electrical, communications, and fire alarm installations. We will execute your plans with precision, save you time, money and frustration.

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Multi-Family / Site

We understand how important proper lighting distribution, utility company transformer placement and power distribution is for your site plans. The Douglas Electric team works per the NEC code as well as convenience and necessity in every day living to complete each residential unit within an apartment complex, townhome village or multifamily dwelling.

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Non-Profit / Educational

Working within your budget and timeline is not a problem! Our team works tirelessly and efficiently to complete your project within your schedule. Safety is our number one priority always and we work with you to ensure minimal downtime for your organization.

Genesee Valley Regional Market

Retail / Franchise

Franchises are a special type of project that needs detailed focused technicians with a knowledge of the strict process and guidelines. Douglas Electric has a thorough understanding of the importance of national account guidelines to ensure that the consistency of the design and electrical detail is met.

Why You Need a Professional Team

A professional team of certified electricians is an important step when working with all things electric.

No matter what type of commercial electrical project you have, the professionals at Douglas Electric know how to provide high quality services.

Douglas Team

Professional Structured Cabling

Douglas Electric is your trusted electrician to help you with any part of the cabling network. No matter how extensive your equipment room and cabling network needs to be to accommodate your business, we can help you create a path to the future of network dynamics.

Our team is experienced with professional cabling types, as well as structuring and designing these networks to suit your current needs, working around current construction or future builds.

Give us a call and tell us about your project’s needs for a superior cabling network today.


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