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Door Access Control System Installation

Protect your investment without breaking the bank.

  • We design and build custom commercial door access solutions
  • Non-Proprietary Systems – You can purchase and replace equipment
  • Save money while still maximizing security coverage

Serving Greater Rochester, the Finger Lakes & surrounding areas.

Commercial Security System

Designed and Built to Meet Your Needs.

Douglas Electric will take a hands on approach to your project, ensuring your security needs are met while minimizing costs and providing superior customer support along the way. Our systems can include:

  • Door access control system design and installation
  • CCTV (Security Camera) installation for your facility and parking lot
  • Glass break sensors for your windows
  • Life safety & alarm systems

We’ll design a system and provide a visual diagram of the coverage for your building.

Non-Proprietary Door Access Control System

Our door entry systems are non-proprietary, meaning you can purchase and replace the equipment yourself or through another contractor. You’ll receive the robust security coverage and cost-saving benefits of a custom designed system without the burden of being locked in with a single provider.

Keyless Access Systems to Increase Security

Today, burglars are becoming increasingly knowledgeable about how traditional lock systems work. With a set of lockpicks, any bolt-and-pin lock can be broken into. For businesses, this means more risk of theft or vandalism. One of the primary benefits of keyless access systems is that they are much more difficult to gain access to; it is much harder for any potential thief to guess the code.

Not only does this keyless entry system deter crime because of its difficulty, but the more modern technology signals that the building is well-monitored, meaning they are much more likely to be caught if they did attempt entry.
This increase in security is an excellent way to protect your business investment and streamline access control within the workplace.

Keyless lock system

Designing A Complete Access Control System

When designing a complete access control system for your business, it’s important to choose a reputable electrical company who can help you make decisions for the future of your company. At Douglas Electric, we are always looking forward, helping protect your business while providing the advice you need to maximize efficiency.
There are many different access control systems you can choose from based on your needs as a business. The most important thing to consider at the beginning of the design phase, however, is the scale of the end project. You don’t want to have to replace the access control system because the building expanded; it should be designed with growth in mind from the beginning. If your company can expand with secondary locations or remote work, then this may not be a concern and a smaller access control infrastructure could be beneficial.
Next, you will need to consider the number and type of users who will require access. Will you have a high number of unregistered visitors that need access to the building, or will they all be regular registered individuals? If your business sees a lot of foot traffic, it may require an access control system that can provide access at higher speeds.

Endlessly Customizable

With the modern solutions offered by most electronic entry systems today, there is a practically endless amount of customization that you can add to the device. Whether you’re looking to restrict employee access during certain hours, or restrict access on a room-by-room basis, you can customize the access requirements quickly and easily.
A truly customizable access control system will allow you to even customize the authorization level of personnel, allowing you to customize their level of access throughout the building based on your needs. Multiple authentication factors can be set up to allow individuals access for certain timeframes or with different methods than usual as well.
For the range of options available to your business, give Douglas Electric a call today. We’ll help you design and plan your access control system installation in no time.

What Are the Three Types of Access Control Systems?

There are three main types of access control systems that you should be aware of as you consider installation:

  1. The first is Role-Based Access Control (RBAC). This is the best type of security access control for organizations that require higher security permissions. This can have roles assigned to individuals based on their position within the company, so that these varied roles have differing levels of security clearance within the building.
  2. Secondly, there is Mandatory Access Control (MAC). This is a relatively closed form of security that only allows a single individual to establish access guidelines and assign permissions for the organization. It is only ideal for businesses that have an established security team that is familiar with security protocols and policies.
  3. Finally, there is Discretionary Access Control (DAC). This form of access control allows access to individuals based on rules that the business owner or security team sets up. As long as users and roles are llisted correctly, it is easy for those individuals to access. It is, however, one of the simplest forms of access control and isn’t often recommended for security purposes because of that simplicity.

Important Factors to Consider Before Installing Access Control

Before installation, you should consider the type of technology your personnel will need for access into the building. ID badges, smartphone access, cloud-based access, or code-based keypad entry systems are all capabilities of an access control system.

For more sensitive security needs, biometric readers or similar technology can help ensure access is only given to authorized personnel. These type of entry systems may require fingerprint, voice, or retina data.

While most commercial spaces don’t require this type of security, it is a valuable option for added safety when dealing with sensitive data or products.

It’s important to ensure the security system is easy for your personnel to access while providing tiered levels of security based on their role, and keeping unwanted individuals out of the building at the same time.

Installation Requirements

Depending on the access control type you choose for your business, you may need different equipment. Most keyless access control systems require a keypad of some kind affixed to the door, a monitoring system, and the cloud-based or intranet dashboard to manage security roles and provide access tiers. Entry systems with more modern technology may require additional equipment or software to accommodate a larger infrastructure with higher security needs.

Specialized electricians can help you with access control system installation services; professionals like those at Douglas Electric can provide guidance and advice during the design process, all the way to installation and post-setup support.

How Long Does Installation Take?

In most cases, installation can be done in a single day without disrupting the normal business operation for too long. Because most access systems are small, they can be easily installed onto the door if there is compatible wiring already installed.

Any re-wiring needs are likely to extend the installation timeline, with the level of complexity depending on the current electrical system and the needs of the entry system. While electrical companies can work quickly, it must be done at a time that won’t disrupt the business’ normal operations. Click here to learn more about the ins and out of access control installation.

Communication Capabilities

Depending on the type of access control system you choose for your business, it may be enabled with communication capabilities. The communication capabilities of these keyless entry systems are typically limited to intercom technology, allowing visitors to announce their arrival. Any individuals on the inside of the system can then unlock the doors and allow access.

Other communication capabilities of access control systems may include notifying certain staff for each entry, or providing a history of entries, as everything is cached in the system temporarily. Not only is this a benefit for security, keeping relevant personnel up-to-date with the latest entries, but it can be coupled with video monitoring for increased security protocols.

Overall, these systems can be customized to the needs of the building. If there are certain communication capabilities that you need for your home or business, it can be addressed in the design phase of the project.

How Much is an Access Control System?

Access control systems require professional installation. In some cases, portions of the building’s electrical system must be wired to accommodate the new connection. This can incur an up-front installation cost for the business, but the security benefits are long-lasting.

The average access control system can range anywhere from $1,000 to $3,000 per door depending on the system you choose and the access control needs associated with the keypad. Choosing different technology, for example, can alter the cost depending on the components. It’s important to weigh your options and choose a system that is most compatible with your business’ needs now and in the near future. Choosing an access control system that your company can benefit from as it grows is a great way to extend the investment.

Installation Made Easy with Douglas Electric

Douglas Electric has been helping businesses in the Rochester NY region with access control system installation for over three decades, providing top-quality electrical services when you need it most. You can count on our professionals to ensure your access system is secure and the transition is seamless for all personnel.

Give us a call today to learn more about how we can help you. We’ll guide you through your options and can help you from the design phase, all the way to post-installation support and maintenance.

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Our Projects

Many of our projects include access control system installation services, allowing businesses to flourish with customizable controls and access points. From commercial to industrial and everything in-between, Douglas Electric can provide the solutions you need:

Addison Precision


Warehouse and manufacturing facilities will benefit from a project managed by Douglas Electric. We work closely with the business owners to understand their current and future needs to provide a properly lit space and adequate power sizing for their custom project.



When it comes to production lines or manufacturing facilities, time is money. Whether you’re looking for service to existing equipment, installation of new systems, preventative maintenance, power quality testing or infrared scanning, we have the solution for your needs.

University of Rochester Medical Center


Our long history of working within the industry will benefit your project. Douglas Electric has an innate understanding of the code that has its own section on medical and outpatient facilities as it pertains to electrical, communications, and fire alarm installations. We will execute your plans with precision, save you time, money and frustration.

The Carriages at Cedar Rock

Multi-Family / Site

We understand how important proper lighting distribution, utility company transformer placement and power distribution is for your site plans. The Douglas Electric team works per the NEC code as well as convenience and necessity in every day living to complete each residential unit within an apartment complex, townhome village or multifamily dwelling.

Northridge Church

Non-Profit / Educational

Working within your budget and timeline is not a problem! Our team works tirelessly and efficiently to complete your project within your schedule. Safety is our number one priority always and we work with you to ensure minimal downtime for your organization.

Genesee Valley Regional Market

Retail / Franchise

Franchises are a special type of project that needs detailed focused technicians with a knowledge of the strict process and guidelines. Douglas Electric has a thorough understanding of the importance of national account guidelines to ensure that the consistency of the design and electrical detail is met.

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